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In Still, the main character has the courage to make a change in her life.  We want to hear about women and men who have the courage to improve their life or the life of another. Contact me                              if you have a story to share.                                 



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image of V as a US citizen

A Smile from the Ukraine   (interview with 18 year old V)

by geraldine donaher       (nonprofit agency that helps connect children with American host families)

Book Cover The Aliquot Sum, Bull rider in a rodeo

Get Back Up and Look Up  (interview with Cindy Falteich)

by geraldine donaher

Cindy's Website


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Wildfire mosaic with blues, reds, yellow tiles

Photo of 'Wildfire' mosaic created by Nora McCloskey

It Starts with Family (interview with Nora McCloskey)

by geraldine donaher

listening, recording device

The Seeing and Feeling of Sound (interview with Jill Smink)

by geraldine donaher


Listening and Spoken Language (Alexander Graham Bell Association)

close up picture of someone playing guitar

Tara's Voice (interview with Tara Endicott)

by geraldine donaher

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