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    (photo: 'Wildfire' mosaic created

               by Nora McCloskey)


It was my Mom’s 80th birthday and my sister, Lucy, organized a celebration for all the girls in my family at the Blooming Artist Studio on Oxford Avenue in Philadelphia. Nora McCloskey, artist and owner, had to rely on her patient teacher skills with our group. We laughed, teased, and probably with a little too much wine, gossiped while Nora redirected us to the task at hand: a lone bench, a green field spotted with wild flowers, mountains across the horizon. It was a perfect assignment on perspective.


Parents, ladies-night-out groups, children, and elementary schools appreciate Nora for her professional and creative talents. They’ll have to share her now with the Philadelphia Art Community. Nora’s mosaic 'Wildfire' is on display in City Hall. The Blooming Artist Studio is also a finalist for Best Art Program in the Philadelphia Family Magazine: Best Things to do with the Family (voting ends March 14 - so vote now!).


For my family, we’re grateful for the perspective on family Nora shared with us.  Coming together to create something from nothing is a testimony to the family my Mom and Dad started 60 years ago. Because of Blooming Artist Studio, we each have the same painting (bench, field, and mountains) on display somewhere in our homes – a reminder of the special bond of family.  Thanks, Nora!


In Nora's own words: Read how Nora started the Blooming Artist Studio with the help of her family.



Wildfire mosaic with blues, reds, yellows

It Starts with Family

by geraldine donaher

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