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Tara's Voice

by geraldine donaher

close up picture of guitar playing in coffee shop

Tara Endicott and her husband own and operate Burlap and Bean in Newtown Square, PA.  I sat down with Tara to get a tale of resilience about a local business owner - and ended up with so much more. The hour-long conversation was a respectful nod toward the inner voice that we all have - the voice that reminds us that we are capable of great things.


"There will always be nay-sayers," she admits, "and they are sometimes those closest to us.  They're the hardest to ignore because we usually have the most respect for them. But, even they can't drown out the small voice reminding us that we have a dream to follow.  You have to be willing to risk all to follow it."


Tara's 'voice' was the creation of a music venue at Burlap and Bean . . . and Tara never silenced that small voice. Musicians perform original work and return again and again to Burlap and Bean's hospitality.  Word is spreading in the music world that Burlap and Bean is a place where musicians are appreciated for their art - their gift.  It's a tribute to Tara's voice that musicians get to share theirs.


Connect with Burlap and Bean's website to see upcoming performers.  Burlap and Bean's weekend music venue is BYOB and a local hotspot. Be sure to buy tickets on line and reserve a table.


Click here to read more on how Tara and her husband overcame obstacles to establish this very unique coffee shop. 



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