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Financial Abuse Resources for Survivors

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Financial Abuse Resources:

Money may not buy happiness, but it does get you to a place where you feel safe. And safe? That’s a very good place to be.

A sincere thank you to Amikar Rodriguez from for sending me an in-depth look at financial abuse. Read on to see if you can identify this overlooked abuse in your own life,

or in those closest to you.

Financial abuse? What does it look like? Trafficking is the illegal buying and selling of goods. But what many people don't realize is that financial abuse is part of many relationships … not just trafficker and trafficked. Financial abuse takes place in what many consider a ‘normal healthy relationship’. What once was considered ‘normal’ is now recognized as abuse.

1. #1 reason victims stay in an abusive relationship is for financial/economic reasons

2. 98% of abusive relationships involve financial abuse

3. 59% of victims have ruined credit because of abuser

4. 70% of domestic victims were unable to hold down a job

5. 53% of domestic victims lost their job because of their abuser

Yet, 78% of Americans don’t recognize financial abuse as domestic abuse.

By red flags (surviving economic Are you living with any of the abusive red flags listed below? Empower yourself with education and independence. It's an abusive relationship if you are not being treated as an equal and someone is:

Giving you an allowance

Making you ask for money

Telling you how you must spend money

Withholding money you need to buy food, clothes, or to pay bills

Making it difficult for you to get a job or show up for work

Making you put something on credit when you don’t want to

Forcing you to give savings or wages

Keeping important financial information from you

Hiding money so you can’t find it

Breaking or destroying your possessions

There are many resources on the web to help you get out of financial hardships. Here are a few that offer free services:

National Domestic Hotline (financial abuse is abuse of power and control)

Life Wire (serving Washington State and has free information for all)

Safe Horizon (serving New York City and has free information for all)

Kathy’s Legacy (serving CA children & pets who witness domestic violence/homicide and offers free information)


Non-profit organizations for further services recovering from financial abuse: Support and insights with finances

YWCA USA The Power of the Purse: Why Ending Economic Abuse is Vital to Eliminating Domestic Violence

Allstate Foundation Resources for ending domestic abuse

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