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Image of Still book cover featuring black and white tree

What people are saying about Still:

-My heart was pulled in so many directions as I read it. I highly recommend the book.
- Nikki is an inspiration to young women coming of age ...
- I was mesmerized by the uncomplicated prose and fell completely into Nikki’s story...
-I read this book in one sitting and could not put it down. I cried and smiled and prayed for her.
-I feel like I lived a lifetime in a few short hours with Nikki and am better for it.
-Her story has the real-life rollercoaster feel that made me connect and swiftly turn the pages.

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Philadelphia skyline from West Chester Pike, Rt 3

The Novel Still is based on a true story that takes place in the Philadelphia area. From convent living, young love, and the death of a child, Still is a story about finding peace by being true to yourself.

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In general…there’s no point in writing hopeless novels. We all know we’re going to die; what’s important is the kind of men and women we are in the face of this. - Anne Lamott

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