Top Ten Reasons to Soak in a Tub


1. View. This picture is the actual view from my tub. I never close the blinds so I can see every season, all season.

2. Lush. If you don’t have a teen daughter, you probably don’t know these products. Educate yourself! Three words: all natural bubbles.

3. Age. Turning 50 in a few months and my aching knees/ankles remind me when I need a good soak – and thank me as I step out.

4. Pamper. Hate the thought of soaking in your own body dirt? What about hot tubs, pools, the ocean, lakes? Still freaks you out? Take a quick shower in the adjoining bathroom before stepping into luxurious Lush bubbles.

5. Solitude. My teenagers don’t come near me. If you bother me in the middle of a soak, I will come out and talk to you face to face. Any questions?

6. Pandora. Whatever mood I’m in, it’s playing on my computer.

7. Novel. See that cool rack at the end of the tub? Easily slides up toward me so I can put a book on it and the book stays dry. Water getting tepid after chapter 4? Turn on the hot water and let the tub warm up.

8. Rack. About that rack at the end of the tub… it has a place for a wine glass.

9. Gentleness. I work hard and play hard – and am extremely critical about myself. Once I slide into the tub, I remember the Sisters at the Motherhouse reminding me to “Be gentle with yourself.” Seriously, best advice I ever got.

10. Simplicity. I strive to rid my life of all that is unnecessary. Just having the tub in the house reminds me to let go of baggage. I try to send it right down the drain.

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