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My Notes on the The Delaware County Press Club October 17, 2015

Breaking Out in Social Media

Thank you to Doreen McGettigan, Angie Hilem, and Pat Buchanan

for an informative session on Social Media at the Delaware County Press Club.

Please visit their websites for more information! Here is a quick summary and a few tips:

Doreen McGettigan is a writer and published author.

Doreen's tips:

Write often and always professionally!

Send people to your blog for answers & make it easy for them (user friendly)!

keep blogs:

to 500-1000 words,

include news of the day,

holidays, recipes

Keep it relevant (new & fresh)

Don’t trick your readers with confusing post titles and make sure you encourage comments.

Just as you encourage comments, be sure to leave comments on other bloggers' posts!

It's a good idea to always post on the same day/time - be consistent.

This is a great way to be part of the writing community.

Back check everything before sharing (ie political views)!

Advertise yourself: Put your website name on a car magnet

And don't forget - Go out and meet people in real life - potential readers are everywhere!


Angie Hilem is President of

What Angie does: helps establish businesses on social media by creating newletters, writing blogs, creating a presence on social media

Angie's tips:


Twitter really just posts 110 characters.

They have a great app for your phone to post videos.

Make sure you check analytics on twitter to see where and when you're hitting your target audience.

Consider Twitter as lots of parties - which party would you want to be invited to? That's your audience.

(ie: writers= follow agents, publishers, #MSWL, other writers, readers of your genre (#zombies anyone?) etc)

Keep your posts to 70% about others, 20 specifically about your industry, 10 self (ie blog, book)


For an easy way to boost your campaign, Post on your business page than SHARE on your personal page.

Original sharers of information boost your #'s.

Innovative ideas in your field (whatever field!) will get shared

Instagram – is actually easier than Facebook if you can make the jump!


Pat Buchanan of

What she does: supports/develops business leaders and builds publicity for their corporation (any size).

Pat shared her tips about LinkedIn:

Social Media Success Summit – weekly newsletter that is worth the read!

LinkedIn has training sessions (click search field – ‘training’ (it’s free)

LinkedIn Social Media Society - $39 a month

Profile – make sure you fill in all personal info to get highest star rating

Premium account (not really needed, but it is worth additional tools if want to pay)

LinkedIn helps people find you for professional expertise = don’t use "I" or refer to self as 3rd party

Use your name as your known in you community (nickname is fine)

Use a professional photo (because your audience is a professional community)

List your company as your brand (even if not part of a company ie: writer (120 characters into that line)

Publish a post:

leadership and branding

'Flag' highlights someone in your network published a post

You can post other people's blogs/posts

Privacy controls:

Click photo in tool bar to get controls (can change profile/jobs/clean up without getting everything in newsfeed activity feed

You can select what others see in your profile (don't want to advertise the competition)

Once you turn off your activity broadcast, you need to take off the check on your picture so it becomes public again

Contacts – once you get 500 contacts they don’t post higher

Personalize the message when inviting others to join your Linked in community

Check out Slideshare (‘interest’ tool bar) It has great catagories on what is available so don’t have to weed through Google

Check out Publisher – connect with interested publisher

LinkedIn has a great, free, help center - use it!

CRM tool /Linkedin Sales Navigator ( pay for this use)

App stores free down load LinkedIn Connect – put all your contacts form all social media to Linkedin Connect. Allows you to make notes on people you met at social gatherings, great for reminders

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