When Humanity Turns on Itself

Left to Tell by Immaculee Ilibagiza shows how fragile life is and how quickly it is destroyed. When friends and family turn on one another, why would someone want to continue to live? I wonder if I'd be strong enough to continue as human.


When humanity turns on itself, set me free, please.

Immaculee Ilibagiza is a much stronger woman. In the midst of the Tutsi genocide, she held onto the notion of human love even when her dearest friends and neighbors became the face of evil. How can one person find God in the torture, sorrow, and carnage while others cower with defeat and wither under hatred?

As a writer, I appreciate the simple beauty of Immaculee's craft. The images she shares are horrific and I'll never forget what those poor people went through. But, I'll also never forget the lessons on faith and forgiveness that set Immaculee free from the evil. Ironically, readers are left more with a hope in the existence of God than a cynical view of humanity.

So, when humanity turns on itself again (history is always repeating itself), I'll think of Immaculee's story of hope and her choice to forgive. It set her free to live and love again, stopping the spread of evil in her own life. If we do nothing else, we should stop the spread of evil.

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