When Children Fill A Church


Two weeks ago I was in New York and stopped in St John's Capuchin Monastery. See my blog 'NYC Addict on Adoration' for the whole story. The experience shows the mentally ill, broken, homeless, and addict as a hopeful people in church.

Fourteen days after that experience, a few hundred children gathered to pray in a Philadelphia area church. Their innocence and devotion along with the addict’s prayer is a central aspect of the Church - its universality. There was a call to quiet before the Stations of the Cross began, and time seemed to stop. I looked out at all the children sitting in their own quiet. Nobody told them what to think or how to pray, they sat before the altar with their own thoughts. Their prayers joined with those in St John’s Capuchin Monastery, Christians in Africa, the Pope, and the addict.

Sometimes we spend too much time dissecting the differences, we forget what makes us the


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