Modern Day Slavery

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Do you know what it is?

It's another name for human/sex trafficking...and is our country's new bleak moment in history.


without the protests,

without the horror that comes with social awareness,

without the great speeches condemning those who take advantage of the vulnerable,

there is no end in sight.

Who are the vulnerable? The poor, the abused, the neglected. They leave one life in the hopes of getting a fresh start, a 'do-over' and are thrust into a life of addiction and sexual acts. Demand is great as the vulnerable slave to pimps, drug dealers, and, I cringe to type it just as I cringed when I first read it, boyfriends.

What kind of a friend is a boy who pimps you out to other boys?

Girl, if this is you, get out now - you are worth so much more.

To the others out there, educate yourself. Read my past blog posts titled Novel:The City's Allee to learn about my research and organization on this topic. Polaris is a national anti-trafficking resource that is worth your time if you want to read more. Philadelphia has its own Polaris outreach program.

I'm discovering young educated girls who are passionate about this topic. Maybe that's where the great speeches, petitions, and protests will come from. I'm all for supporting them.

Meet Jen, a blogger from Cornell: Cornell article on ending modern day slavery

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