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I attended my first Press Club workshop today in Edgemont PA. Jim Donovan, Debra Wallace, and Susan Barnett gave a realistic view of how journalism, television and print, is changing. Here are a few one liners I walked away with ...and want to always remember:

Jim Donovan: "You can never think you know it all. Always adapt."

A few years ago Jim saw what happened to reporters who stashed their computers under their desk just in case this "computer thing didn't work out". These reporters couldn't keep up with what was happening in the technology world. They are no longer in the news business.

Debra Wallace: "The only time I got burned as a journalist was when I didn't do my research."

Debra justified not doing her research only after giving birth to her child...other than that, make sure everything is spelled correctly and information is accurate.

Susan Barnett: "Be willing to start at the bottom to work your way to the top."

No job is too small as a starting point to fulfilling what you want to do with your life. Listening to how she had to live in a hub housing situation with all the other young reporters (think: Melrose place on a budget) also made me realize that the small jobs have a very important role to play in character development.

Love this new group of dynamic people.

#jimdonovan #debrawallace #susanbarnett

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