Novel:The City's Allee (a short introduction to the main character)

Allee was dealt a tough lot in life - as tough as the torn-up field at the end of her block. She'd seen boys throwing around a football every once in a while - but for the most part it sat abandoned behind a chain link fence. The added similarity of abandonment wasn't lost on her and she embraced a familiar ache for her mother - a comforting reminder that at one point she had indeed had a mother. The pain only lasted a short while and then irritation always slipped in. Why was it that her mom had to die?

"What's the use of having a fence if it doesn't protect anything? Stupid waste of money." She

kicked the fence and then picked up her pace. It was dusk and the lot made her feel vulnerable...and vulnerable was not acceptable. Ever.

Two or three boys let out a catcall. She hadn't seen them standing in the opposite corner. They were too far away for her to be concerned. She could outrun them if they started in her direction.

"Come on, we're not going to hurt you. Come hang out with us!" The small one yelled and the others started laughing.

It was the promise 'not to hurt you' that made her walk even faster. From an early age she knew it was a red flag that meant 'get the hell away!'. They started walking in her direction.

"Stupid ----in' boys," she mumbled as she started to run, "now I'll be all ----in' sweaty for work."

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