The Speaker Series with David Gergen

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I was invited to attend Widener University's Speaker Series in the city this past week. After a wonderful dinner at Estia we went to listen to David Gergen. There was an ice storm, but the theatre was more than half full.

I'm not up on all my political facts, but this is what I walked away with - No 'direct quotes' here....

Gergen really enjoyed working with Clinton but considers Reagan the best leader. It's a hard job being the president, he explained, and depressing. Other than being a great support system for the president and always remembering who's the boss, sometimes you have to be the voice of conscience. (Immediately I thought of Jiminy Cricket).

Putin is a bully. Never give a bully what he wants. It only makes him harder to deal with, and that's what we're dealing with now.

Educating women is an important part of overcoming their oppression and the United States has to take an active role helping to establish that system in other countries. (Click AAUW for information on how you can get involved).

Gergen teaches millennials now - and realizes they're not so bad. In fact, he thinks their creativity in the technology sector goes far beyond what he sees coming out of other countries. He believes that's what makes the United States strong: when you have the freedom to express yourself, great things can happen. He believes the government should back away from regulating that freedom and let them continue to create.

With all the horrors of war, opression, killings in the United States, corrupt government, etc. Gergen is a "short term pessimist and a long term optimist."

Rather than leaving the Speaker Series depressed, we all walked out with a little more hope than when we walked in.

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